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Back Painted Glass Backsplash
Tile Backsplash
When it comes to backspalsh there are many options. In style & materials.​A backsplash, whether in the kitchen or behind your bathroom sink, is a good place to show off your personality. Modern, traditional, or whimsical, choosing a backsplash is like choosing fine art for your two are alike.
Banish grout lines in the kitchen (and bathroom too) with seamless, light-enhancing glass panels. As a design choice, a glass backsplash instantly modernizes any kitchen. But it's extremely practical too. The larger panels are easier to clean, add reflective light and open up kitchen and bathroom spaces.

Choose among clear, frosted, patterned, tinted and now fully colorized glass. The new back-painted glass brings rich colors into a sleek design.

Update a tired kitchen or add flair to your kitchen renovation by installing an attractive tiled backsplash. A tiled backsplash offers the functional convenience of an easy-to-clean surface while providing an opportunity to add color, texture and personality. A tiled backsplash will stand up to many more years of cooking splatters and soapy scrubbing than standard painted drywall.
Metalic Backsplash
Be inspired and create a modern, progressive space with metalic laminate — the radiant look of metal brought to life in an eco-friendly, affordable alternative to high-end installations. The overall look? Clean. Contemporary.No need for special stainless cleaners. A Must Behind Cooktops.
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